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Swordfish Philosophy

The Calgary Swordfish Swim Club is one of the largest summer club swim teams in the province. Our hope is that your involvement in competitive swimming results in faster swimming;
however, we also strive for everyone in the club to have a memorable and rewarding experience during their time as a Swordfish. We hope you become part of our team and help us
promote swimming skills, life skills, and an enthusiasm for competitive swimming.

The Calgary Swordfish have a very strong and positive history in our community, almost 20 years as a matter of fact! Much of that is due to the efforts put forward by all of our swim
families and our coaches. Communities are about volunteering, and we here on the Swordfish have a long-standing tradition of helping out when the call comes.
We know that volunteering is an integral part of any youth organization, as youth sport cannot exist otherwise. We encourage everyone to find their place as a Swordfish
It might be timing, or maybe a Casino…whatever your level of involvement, it’s appreciated and essential for your child, and the team.

Remember, the Swordfish aren’t just another team or activity.We are a group of people that are about more than simply winning or losing. We are about giving every swimmer on the team, and every person involved in our club, opportunities to succeed and learn life long values like integrity, respect, commitment and discipline. We hope to help nurture new friendships
and develop a unique atmosphere that you’ll be proud to belong to…just as we are. Swim smarter, faster and believe in your coaches and club…make it yours’. We truly encourage
everyone to enjoy the legacy of the Calgary Swordfish Swim Club and hope that you will join us in creating and shaping our upcoming successes by being an active supporter and
contributor in everything we do.

Swordfish Vision: “Swimming for life long fitness, fun, and fierce competition”