Volunteer 2018

Hello Swordfish Families,

Welcome to the 2018 Swordfish swim season.  Please review the links below for online officiating clinics and a full description of the volunteer requirements for this swim season.  


As per your commitment agreement, you are required to take the online Level 1 Clinic - timekeeper/runner/marshal/safety marshal. Please see the links below for the free Level 1 online clinics.

In addition to taking a Level 1 online clinic, you are required to work a minimum of 4 shifts with your newly required skill or other volunteer positions.

*Note: Your first shift (as a timekeeper) must be worked with a mentor (*mentoring session) and then you must complete an additional 2 shifts on your own (*deck evaluation) to be a qualified official.




We strongly encourage returning members to take a Level 2 or 3 clinic if you have already taken the Level 1 Clinic.  We are always in need for more Level 2 or 3 officials at the meets.

Option 1:  Take a level 2 or 3 clinic.  If you take an officials clinic that advances your level, you then are required to work minimum of 3 shifts with your newly required skill.

*Note: your first shift with your new “skill’ must be worked with a mentor (*mentoring session), and then you must complete an additional 2 shifts on your own (*deck evaluation)







Option 2: Do not take an officiating clinic.  Complete 4 shifts at swim meets based on your previous years’ of official qualifications.

Casino: if you worked 1 shift at the January 2018 Casino, this will count towards your volunteer commitment as 1 shift.  If you volunteered for 2 shifts, it will count towards your volunteer commitment as 2 shifts and so on…


Once you have completed your online clinic, you must fill out an online reporting form so ASSA can update their officials database and please contact me, volunteer coordinator at (noralow8@gmail.com) with your full name, swimmers name, clinic name and date of completion so I can update my records.  


 Please keep the form for your records and ensure you are mentored and have deck evaluations completed with your NEW skill.  After you completed 2-3 shifts with your new skill, you become a qualified Official for that position.

Important note:

It is a requirement that 1 out of the 4 required shifts,  is worked at our Swordfish Swim Meet (July 20-21, 2018 at YMCA).  We understand that there may be extraordinary circumstances that prevent you from volunteering at our host meet, if you are unable to volunteer, you are required to complete that shift at another meet in the 2018 swim season.  Please notify me, Nora (noralow8@gmail.com) if you can’t volunteer at our meet, otherwise your volunteer commitment cheque will be cashed at the end of swim season.

Mini Meet (May 22, 2018-SAIT)

This will NOT count towards your volunteer commitment shifts but definitely a great opportunity to volunteer and experience the role of an official (timekeeper, marshal, S&T judge) before the club meets.

Summary of what to do at your first meet:

  1. If additional officials are needed for a swim meet, an email will be sent out prior to the meet requesting officials (depending on host club), please reply with your interested official position and note if you need a mentor, deck evaluation or qualified.

  2. There will be an officials briefing held before the start of every swim meet.  If you are a new official in your new role, please inform the referee and ensure that you are placed with a mentor.  

  3. Please ensure you maintain records of your officials certification pathway and notify me that you have completed being mentored and evaluated.


Mentoring Session:

After you have completed a clinic, a qualified official will assist you with your first time in an officiating position.

Deck Evaluation:

After one mentoring session, each session you work is counted as one deck non formal evaluation.  


A shift consists on one evening, one morning or one afternoon session at a swim meet.  Shifts can be completed at more than one swim meet.

Qualified Official:

One who has completed the Official clinic course and have completed mentoring and deck evaluations for that particular official role.  


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Nora Low

Volunteer Coordinator




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